Clear discussed about China’s nation wide improving understanding in black water treatment & sanitation at “2021 China Ural WSH Forum” in Yi Xing city, Oct.15th. 

“We entered black water treatment industry through cooperation with the Gates Foundation in 2018 and I specially registered a company named Clear to develop the international market. In the past years, our government has spent a lot of money to promote the toilet revolution in China. Frankly speaking,the effect is not very ideal.

There are still problems, some of which lied in the policy design with “one size fits all” pattern. Many villages hoped to solve a hundred problems with a hundred yuan. In that case enterprises might have no profits and people’s toilet needs were not satisfied neither, local government departments were held accountable as a result. Who should be responsible for this lose-lose situation? The difficulty in promotion and popularization is an important reason. For example, the subsidies are not in place and in arrears, or the using need of rural people are not met in time... Some foreign press are asking whether the trend of toilet revolution in China is over? 

But recently, the central government has gradually introduced support measures to reassure enterprises. Many local governments are gradually understood the concept of black water and yellow water and paying more and more attention to the fecal sludge treatment. That is a great progress. I believe with closer cooperation between the government, the enterprises and the people, we as an uprising industry will realize faster access to the sanitary and safe using of toilets. Said Tim Tsao, the President of Clear Environmental Technology.